You want to get Elected?

The political world around us seems to be going progressively mad. ‘They don’t know what they are on about’ is a thought that most of us will share, the moment we start thinking about politicians.

Whilst we may not choose to say it openly and loud, few will disagree with the idea that our political classes are out of touch and pretty much ‘in it for themselves’ – even within a political party that we may have voted unquestioningly at every election, for all of our lives.

If you are here and reading this page, its fairly certain that you are either a.) a political anorak (yes, they really do exist) or b.) thinking seriously enough about the idea of running for Elected Office that you are beginning to do some research.

Whilst the political anoraks are very welcome here, ‘How to get Elected’ is/has/will be written with helping anyone from group ‘b’ very much firmly in mind.

It doesn’t matter where your loyalties lie, or whatever political philosophy you might follow. If you really want to hold the responsibility and fulfil the gift of trust that comes with being Elected, there is a process which alone and on your own you will almost certainly need to follow; one which will also help you to then succeed as a good representative of the people, once you have got the role that you want.

Getting elected sounds very simple. But for most, the reality is very different and its very easy to make mistakes, lose motivation, get sidetracked or distracted and then find yourself waiting perhaps years for another opportunity to make the contribution to the community that you now seek.

In the form of this Website, I will cover and discuss all of the key issues, considerations and things that you normally have to do to get yourself elected, while keeping yourself in the running and out of trouble with everyone else as you do so.

There are no guarantees in politics. If you do everything that you possibly can to the best of your ability and spend every available minute between now and your next opportunity to get elected doing so, it is still possible that someone else will get there first.

That’s just the way it is in politics right now – and it’s a reality that you must accommodate as you work on and develop your strategy and plan.

Hopefully, you are here because you sincerely believe in and want to be part of delivering ‘something better’ for all.

I wish you every success with your worthy aims. We have never needed genuinely selfless and considerate politicians more than we do right now, and especially those who are prepared to make every effort to make their responsibility count.

Adam Tugwell, Spring 2018