How to get Elected

If you are thinking about running in public elections in the UK, How to get Elected is a FREE guide, which has been written especially to help you.

How to get Elected is primarily aimed at those running as Independent candidates. It is also for members of political parties who are aiming to do the very best that they can on behalf of their wards, divisions and the people that they represent and are therefore ‘open’ to working with all others.

Whilst some pages mention the Parliamentary, Mayoral and European Elections, these areas of Government are not the main focus of this Blog.

How to get Elected is aimed at helping you to access the areas of UK politics where right now, anyone who is motivated enough, has enough self belief, courage of their convictions and is ready to listen and consider the opinion of others, really can begin to make a difference if they so choose.

These are Parish & Town Councils, Borough & District Councils, County Councils and Unitary Authorities.

If you would like to read about a particular topic or have a specific question about running in public elections which has as yet not been covered, please contact Adam by completing the Contact Form or if you feel comfortable having your question and response viewed publicly, please do comment.

I will be very happy to answer questions and add pages to cover topics which may not have already been considered.

How to get Elected is also available as a Book for Kindle with Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading How to get Elected. Good luck with your Campaign!




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